Android Jelly Bean Source Code Released for Open Source Project

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Smarter Apps, an established mobile app development company in Australia, has announced that it will be bringing in more feature-packed products and services to its clients, in line with new reports stating that Google’s Android OS has come out with a new Jelly Bean source code for its Open Source Project.

Smarter Apps explained that the newly released raw open source code, called Version 4.1.1_r1, is meant to provide additional support and features to the Android 4.1, otherwise known as the Jelly Bean operating system, which is now in use in new smartphones and tablets.

The release of this new source code for the popular mobile platform Android OS was confirmed by Google’s Jean-Baptiste Queru, the technical lead of its Android Open Source Project (AOSP).

In a post in its Android Building Google Group blog, Queru wrote, “We’re releasing Android 4.1 in AOSP today.”

He added, “We recommend that you create new clients, even if you’re working in the master branch. It’ll make your clients smaller and faster to sync. Proprietary binaries are available for Nexus 7 and Galaxy Nexus. Nexus S and Xoom will follow.”

With this new release, experts believe that developers will now have more options to customise and add more features to applications using the Jelly Bean OS – as its compatible devices and their binaries have already been set up to work with the new source code.

According to industry observers and analysts, the full and latest version of the Jelly Bean operating system is already available for use. Among the first to use the OS is the Samsung Galaxy Nexus HSPA+ (High Speed Packet Access) – and many more new devices are expected to follow suit within the succeeding weeks or months ahead.

This latest and final version of the Android 4.1 has been described by an eWeek report as packed with numerous features, is easier to use, and has faster and more efficient app updates. In addition, this new version has resizable app widgets, faster speed, better notifications, more efficient Android Beam Bluetooth capabilities, and many other helpful features.

On the other hand, speculations about the next Android version have also been going around. According to reports, the next Android version, may be given the name “Key Lime Pie” – and is rumoured to be released on 2013. For now, developers are excited with the new Jelly Bean and how it is set to make things better for the mobile operating system industry.

In addition, a recent survey in May showed that in Q1 of 2012, approximately 82% of the smartphone industry was dominated by Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS. And according to experts, this latest release by Google may lead to stiffer competition between the two giant tech companies.

With these developments, Smarter Apps has exerted stringent efforts to keep up with the latest changes in the Jelly Bean OS and other Android app development updates, in order to cater to all mobile application needs in Android-powered devices.

The company continues to cater to its clients’ needs with other mobile development services including app programming and creation for Android, iOS and Blackberry, database design and integration plus much more.

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