Anonymous Backers Tricked by Modified Slowaris

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – In what could be described as nothing short of ironic, some supporters of notorious hacking group Anonymous found themselves in an unexpected bind late last week.

According to a Symantec report, a download link to Slowaris, a tool that allows the hacking group’s supporters to take part in Anonymous-backed DDoS attacks was secretly altered via PasteBin on January 20th by an unknown modifier.

The change, unknown to Anonymous backers, added a Trojan virus to the DoS tool. Those clicking the new download link received the altered version, thus seeing their personal data possibly compromised. Talk about receiving a taste of your own medicine!

The Symantec report said such user data pertained to cookies, webmail and banking information. “Not only will supporters be breaking the law by participating in DoS attacks on Anonymous hacktivism targets, but may also be at risk of having their online banking and email credentials stolen,” stated Symantec.

The report continued, “The joining of malicious financial and identity fraud malware, Anonymous hacktivism objectives, and Anonymous supporter deception is a dangerous development for the online world. We will continue to watch for new developments.”

In what appears to be an interesting coincidence, Symantec also noted that the modified version of Slowaris appeared on PasteBin the same day authorities arrested operators of file sharing site Megaupload.

Anonymous is one of the most notorious hacking groups in the world, known for high-profile cyber-attacks on companies and government agencies. For more information regarding the matter, view Symantec’s report here (