Anonymous & Israeli Hackers Engage in Spat

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Hackers VS Hackers: The ironic twist of fate was most evident in a recent situation involving Israeli hackers and infamous group Anonymous.

According to a report from RT, hackers from the country reportedly breached website – supposedly used by Anonymous as part of a hacking operation vs. the country.

EhIrS is the hacker responsible, according to a report from the Jurusalem Post. The hacker also posted two things supporting Israel’s right to exist.

For its part, Anonymous has denied ever creating the website. In fact, the loosely-based organization has accused Israelis as going so far as to creating the website themselves.

Meanwhile, the country’s government has reportedly responded to breaches with a number of arrests aimed at Palestinian activists.

Anonymous’s targets usually pertain to activities it views as unjust.  The group reportedly was involved in a breach against North Korean Flickr and Twitter accounts just earlier this month.