AOL Mail Went Down. Who Cares?

(Ping! Zine) – On Wednesday October 20th the Aol Mail service went down for several hours. Their service appears to be back to normal now less than a day later, but we are left to wonder why it crashed in the first place, and more so, why it failed to create a reaction on the web. According to Tech Crunch,  Aol has an average user age of 65 and up, leading us to believe that no buzz was created around this event since most that use it do not check it often. Many users probably didn’t even recognize that the problem was there.

On Twitter, the mail service crash failed to make the trending topic, and even with this, they seem to be having some internal errors that are still being identified and fixed.

The majority of the users do not seem concerned with the failure.
With a meager 24.9 million users in a month, Aol Mail does not compare with Google Gmail or Yahoo, both of which have about three times said number of users, at least.

Aol has yet to release the cause of the service problems and it doesn’t look like they will have an update on why any time soon. Both the lack of notice of the crash by so many, and the subtle response of Aol, may be testimony as to the future of Aol Mail.