App Location Tracking Addressed by U.S. Senate

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Apps can cover a variety of functions: Allowing users to more easily coordinate daily activities. However, as they grow increasingly popular, some continue to face scrutiny over privacy concerns.

According to a BBC report on Friday, U.S. lawmakers are considering a bill titled the “Location Privacy Protection Act,” something that would ban applications from gathering sensitive user data related to location tracking.

The news arrives shortly after an FTC-backed report noted a majority of app developers were still failing to gain proper parental consent for data related to gaming apps for underage users.

The bill has already received approval from the Senate’s Judiciary Committee and will now be considered for a full floor vote.

“I believe that Americans have the fundamental right to control who can track their location, and whether or not that information can be given to third parties,” stated Senator Al Franken (D-MN), a sponsor of the bill, in a report from the Hill.

Issues regarding mobile privacy were really brought to the forefront last year after reports signaled Apple’s iPhone contained location tracking. Similar concerns were later presented regarding Google mobile OS Android.