Apple and the Missing Macbook 3G

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – For computer enthusiasts, the news almost seemed too good to be true when a prototype MacBook by Apple recently made its way onto auctioning site eBay.

In general, it looked like a typical MacBook. However, according to tech site CNET, the laptop sported an antenna, along with 3G capability, and a SIM card slot, thus making it rather unique. However, the eBay sale did not last. In fact, the sale was apparently pulled via request by Apple (CNET notes the price had gone up to $70 thousand dollars before ending).

So how did it get there? According to the report, the eBay seller had originally obtained the laptop from Craigslist. Meanwhile, CNET reported that Apple has contacted the owner to get the never-released prototype back.

Despite it’s appearance, it looks like Apple never decided to launch the product (CNET noted its design is similar to a Macbook Pro from 2007).

Meanwhile, there’s more news concerning unreleased Apple products. The tech site also recently reported that an Apple employee accidently lost an unreleased iPhone prototype at a bar. For pictures and more information on the unique-looking laptop, visit:;txt