Apple Changes Tone on “It doesn’t get PC viruses”

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Apple has long marketed itself on the idea that its Macintosh computers aren’t susceptible to viruses as much a Windows computers are. And for the most part, the talking point has proven true.

However, a recent flurry of viruses affecting Macintosh systems may have caused the popular computer maker to lighten its marketing tone on the issue. Earlier this month, security firm Sophos pointed out that the company had changed one of its webpages highlighting the advantages of using a Mac.

“It doesn’t get PC viruses,” the webpage used to read. However, the new message has been toned down, now reading “It’s built to be safe.” Another bold line was changed from “Safeguard your data. By doing nothing” to “Safety. Built right in.”

“Mac malware is a reality these days, with regular users finding their computers are becoming infected. The problem may not be as significant as Windows malware, but it exists,” commented Graham Cluley of Sophos in the blog post.

In April, Apple worked to combat malware known as Flashback after security firm Doctor Web reported that it had infected 550 thousand Macintosh systems. Meanwhile, another virus known as SabPub acted as a backdoor trojan by relying on a Java exploit.