Apple Could Buy TomTom, Analyst Speculates

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Apple, in an attempt to ramp up its mapping capabilities could scoop up GPS provider TomTom, an analyst speculated on Wednesday.

The Cupertino-based tech company has faced withering criticism in regards to flawed functions provided through its latest map app appearing in iOS 6. “TomTom needs the cash from Apple, and Apple needs the know-how of TomTom,” commented Rabobank analyst Hans Slob, according to a report from

Following the speculation, things were looking good for TomTom’s stock worth, representing a uptick of 5.65%, equivalent 4.06 euros, noted the report.

Apple’s current map app already relies on data currently taken from TomTom. However, a buyout of the company could help Apple more quickly address known errors.

Just earlier this week, Australian police warned that errors in the map app were resulting in stranded motorists in the country’s Murray-Sunset National Park. The company previously acknowledged the issues in a letter in which CEO Tim Cook admitted his company “fell short” on its commitment “make world-class products that deliver the best experience possible.”