Apple Developing iPhone 6c with 4″ Display

Apple Developing iPhone 6c with 4" Display(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Rumors are swirling around the web claiming that Apple’s next variant of the iPhone 6 will feature a 4-inch display screen, a big change from the larger screens found in both versions of the new device.

Business Insider reports that supply chain sources say the new devices will most likely be called either the iPhone 6S or 6 Mini, and will be geared towards “the convenience of single-handed operation of female users.”

“The new 4-inch model aims to bring the iPhone back to its one-hand use roots and it is suggested will gain more popularity among women compared to the larger models,” said GSM Arena.

Last week numerous sites reported that the iPhone 6S would launch in the spring and would have major design changes, as opposed to only minor changes that occur every other year.

Sources contribute Apple’s sudden release schedule, which is speculated to occur every six months, to coincide with the launch of the Apple Watch next year. The Cupertino company believes the smartwatch will be such a hit that it could boost its iPhone sales as well.

The 4-inch iPhone 6 is rumored to release in the second half of 2015.