Apple devices first in mobile gaming to get Precision Touch technology

Apple devices first in mobile gaming to get Precision Touch technology(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Just in time for the holidays, eBattalion has launched the first ever mobile game utilizing its new proprietary touchscreen technology Precision Touch. The game, titled Big Head Gunner, is available on the App Store.

Precision Touch technology was developed to give gamers the ability to play traditional games without the need for peripherals or an onscreen gamepad. The system is entirely gesture based, allowing for accurate control of an onscreen avatar.

Big Head Gunner, the first game to utilize Precision Touch technology, is a retro-styled platformer with a simple premise. A hero named Gunner, from an unknown world, finds himself in the Acorn Kingdom on a mission to rescue Prince Akoki. To complete his adventure Gunner must travel through 36 levels and overcome many challenges, including King Chameleon and his nine evil disguises.

One of the game’s primary developers, Sam Carasoulos, Game Architect at eBattalion, explains Precision Touch as “a feeling of control over the avatar, the ability to make precise and accurate moves.” Precision Touch was developed over the course of two years as an alternative to physical controls.

Gamers can download Big Head Gunner and experience Precision Touch for themselves. Currently the game is available exclusively for Apple devices running iOS 7.0 or greater.

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