Apple Drops Google Services on iOS 6 – Is Google Losing Ground?

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Apple, Inc. revealed plans at the worldwide developer conference to introduce iOS 6 in the Fall of 2012.  One of the new features includes an Apple-based map interface which eliminates Google Maps from their mobile and tablet devices.

Kenneth Wisnefski, online marketing expert and founder / CEO of WebiMax, feels “We are seeing a major player in the tech industry detracting from Google’s services and making them [Google] susceptible to losses in a market they have consistently dominated.”


  • Currently, Google Maps is the leader in mobile mapping technology with over 150 million users worldwide.  Apple will be a major competitor and the impending release of iOS 6 and the next-generation iPhone will immediately boost Apple’s map application usage.

In addition, Wisnefski feels:

  • Google must continue to focus on its core brands (search & social media) and use these to reinforce and enhance their tertiary services.  The recent decision to integrate Google+ Local and Google Maps is an example of their ability to innovate and adapt to a more competitive marketplace.
  • I am seeing a trend in which companies are starting to break off of their dependency on Google.  The company continues to be in the spotlight as a dominant force in the industry and I believe other firms are attempting to change that.

Kenneth Wisnefski is available to discuss Apple’s break from Google and the implications these types of moves will have on their future growth.  If you would like to speak to Kenneth please contact John Borkowski at [email protected] or 609-576-5175.