Apple iOS Receives Candy Crush Saga 1.37 Update

Apple iOS Receives Candy Crush Saga 1.37 Update(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Candy Crush Saga was hit with some serious bug issues in the last update, leaving players frustrated with the popular puzzle game.

On Tuesday King released update 1.37.0 for iOS devices. The new version was supposed to fix all the bug issues from the previous update, though the changelog did not mention bug fixes in its description.

“Get ready to continue the sweetest Saga around, visit the game for all the latest treats!” said the description on the App Store. “The former guard is now a King so Tiffi and His Majesty are celebrating with a regal dance in Fanciful Fort, the latest Dreamworld episode!”

Since its release, players have still been complaining of glitches such as log-in issues, crashes, and freezes.