Apple iPhone 6 May Possibly Feature Scratch Proof Screens

Apple iPhone 6 May Possibly Feature Scratch Proof Screens(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – The rumor mills are turning again, as many are trying to figure out what Apple has in store for the iPhone 6.

Many have speculated that the new iPhone will be completely revamped, a tactic that Apple needs in order to compete with its competitors in the mobile market. Numerous reports have hinted that the iPhone 6 will possibly have a larger, curved screen with edge-to-edge display.

Recently, Apple purchased PrimeSense, a company that specializes in motion sensors, that many believe will help incorporate 3-D into the next generation smartphone.

A marketing advantage for Apple would be to make a scratch proof screen, which could be used from Sapphire crystal, reports The Week. This material is already used in the iPhone 5S to protect the rear camera lens and the finger print touch id button.

Although this would make the new model quite pricey, it may be worth it to have a phone that even concrete can’t scratch.

In early November, Apple purchased GT Advanced Technologies, a sapphire crystal manufacturer, for $578 million. The factory is set to be built in Mesa, Arizona, which makes this the second Apple factory in the U.S.