Apple is #6 in China…but Should It Really Care?

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Tech giant Apple seems to be at the top of the world. They, however, significantly lag in one of the globe’s largest areas: China.

According to a report from on Wednesday, the company currently ranks at #6 in terms of devices sold in the country.

So should the Cupertino-based company be worried? China currently represents the world’s largest handset market.

In the area, it’s being outsold by much smaller providers. Among them are China Wireless Technologies which provides a device for 619 yuan. That’s cheaper than 20% of the most affordable iPhone, according to a report.

“Apple, with its current stable of products, is unlikely to rank high as long as the general level of affluence in China is low,” commented Philip Securities analyst Magdelene Choong to Bloomberg.

And despite providing high priced products, Apple has continued to attempt inroads in the Chinese market. Company CEO Tim Cook visited last May, even discussing intellectual property issues with Chinese Executive Vice-Premier Li Keqiang.

The popular maker of Mac computers currently outsources production of its iPhone to facilities from Foxconn in China.

China is a tricky market to deal with. It’s closed. Government regulation of the web has stifled innovation. Look no further than the likes of YouTube, Facebook and Twitter being blocked in the country. So how can a true innovator like Apple truly succeed in a market that lacks innovation? Only time will tell.