Apple Likely Readying Gold iPhone for Sept 10 Unveil

applestorepz1(Ping! ZIne Web Tech Magazine) – Imagine if C3PO of Star Wars fame was converted into a smartphone: If you’re able to do this, perhaps he’d look like a gold iPhone.

The possibly of such a device is perhaps not only talk, it’s most likely a reality, at least according to a report from All Things D on Monday.

The online publication recently cited unnamed sources, confirming that Apple had added the gold color option to its next gen iPhone release, something that will likely be unveiled September 10th, according to a number of previous reports.

All Things D also noted that gold is an easy color to “anodize.”

“Think champagne, not ingot,” commented the source in the report who also described the device as having a tone of “elegant” gold.

Apple’s color strategy, while lesser than previously known, is nothing new. The Cupertino tech giant already offers its iPod Touch, Nano and Shuffle in a variety of different colors including gold.