Apple “Not in the Junk Business,” Says Tim Cook

Apple “Not in the Junk Business,” Says Tim Cook(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – If you thought Apple’s cheaper colorful iPhone alternative (the “5C”) was too expensive, well, there’s a good reason for it.

Apple isn’t in the “junk business,” company CEO Tim Cook recently told Bloomberg BusinessWeek. “There’s a segment of the market that really wants a product that does a lot for them, and I want to compete like crazy for those customers,” the CEO emphasized in the interview.

Cook continued, “I’m not going to lose sleep over that other market, because it’s just not who we are. Fortunately, both of these markets are so big, and there’s so many people that care and want a great experience from their phone or their tablet, that Apple can have a really good business.”

Apple has been making a lot of news lately. Yesterday, the Cupertino tech giant released iOS 7. Tomorrow it’s expected to release both its iPhone 5C and 5S, devices which were unveiled just earlier this month.