Apple Receives Identity Cloning Patent in Fight VS Data Collectors

(Ping! Zine Web Tech magazine) – In today’s web-centric world, data collection issues remain critical concerns for many common citizens. On Wednesday, a report from Patently Apple indicated that popular iPhone maker Apple was stepping up its game to protect users from data collectors.

The Cupertino, California-based company recently received patent authorization for what could be referred to as a cloning identity service. In order to obstruct unauthorized data collectors, the technology would operate by cloning a person’s identity via a network and assigning identities false data multiple times. The solution could cause what one could describe as chaotic confusion among data miners.

“Areas of interest are assigned to the cloned identity and actions are automatically processed over a network, where the actions are associated with the areas of interest for the cloned identity. The actions are processed in order to pollute information gathered about the principal from eavesdroppers monitoring the network. The actions appear to the eavesdroppers to be associated with the principal,” explains the patent’s text.

The patent’s background mentions concern over what’s referred to as “Big Brother” and “Big Business.” According to the document itself, the patent was initially filed for in October of last year. While the idea might seem somewhat strange at first glance, it addresses a critical concern of many online users. Even the U.S. government has pressed web browser operators to cut down on data mining by adding a “do not track” option.