Apple’s Gold iPhone 5S Literally Proving its Worth on eBay


Source: Apple product images

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – The high-in-demand gold iPhone 5S is resulting in big sales, so much so that buyers are willing to fork more money over for the device compared to other 5S colors. The trend can be spotted on sales sites including eBay and Craigslist, a report from Digital Trends noted on Tuesday.

And while demand for the device is surely high, initial shipments to Apple store locations were noted to have been relatively low. Digital Trends noted Apple’s San Francisco flagship store only received around 20 while other retail locations didn’t get any at all.

We took a quick look at eBay sales for the gold iPhone. On average, it looks like sale prices for the device are up to around $1,000, or in some cases, even higher. The quick glance also showed that other 5S colors didn’t come with such big price tags.

Meanwhile, if you head to Apple’s website to order the gold iPhone online, it says the shipment date is set for October. If you’re not willing to wait or pay such a high price, we recommend considering one of the 5S’s other color options: silver or space gray.