Appmosphere Reveals New Identity for its Suite of Retail Mobility Products: Global Storm POS

Appmosphere Reveals New Identity for its Suite of Retail Mobility Products: Global Storm POS(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Appmosphere is excited to announce the pre-release rebranding of its flagship suite of products, Global Storm POS. The name, logo, and identity of the products have changed to represent both the compatibility and all-encompassing nature of the applications, as well as the product’s move into multilingual applications.

Storm POS, from its conception, has been a suite of apps designed to change the way grocers handle their business. With just a few mobile applications, all of which are interconnected via a central cloud database, grocers will be able to save time, labor, and money over their current systems.

The Global Storm POS suite of applications includes a complete Point-of-Sale lane running on a Surface tablet and connected to state of the art peripherals. There is a Manager App, which is an iPad application for managers to manage ads, change the prices and inventory of items in real time, send tasks to stock employees and more. The Inventory App runs on an iPod connected to a powerful scanner, allowing employees to scan and intake shipments, respond to tasks and alerts, and more. Finally, the fourth core application of the Global Storm POS system is the Customer App. This outreach tool allows grocery customers to make and share lists of items in the database, view deals and ads, and more. The scope has also recently broadened to include an HR app to keep track of employees punching in and out, employee details, scheduling, and budgeting, with all of this data integrated with the cloud.

Appmosphere has plans to take Storm to the global market and is proud of its rebranding. The final flourishes will be in place by Global Storm’s product launch, to take place in the first quarter of next year.

About Global Storm POS

Mobility and streamlined integration is where the retail and service industries are heading. Large retail establishments are beginning to change the way day to day business is performed, and expect their technology to keep pace with an increasingly smart and mobile world.

Appmosphere’s suite of Global Storm products and services allow businesses a chance to get ahead of the competition by supplying them with sleek, efficient, and intuitive software and mobility tools.

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Appmosphere is a cutting-edge, full-service provider of mobile application development and marketing strategies. Their vision is to utilize the best technologies to improve people’s lives through useful, relevant, and efficient software tools.

Appmosphere was founded in 2007, putting them at the beginning of the mobile software development revolution. As smartphones have evolved, so have they; Appmosphere has remained at the forefront of all new platforms and technologies.