Aptinet Discusses Web Content Management Systems

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – The challenge of authoring content once while publishing to many different types of devices is no longer limited to just mobile phones, but rather to a wide range of possible platforms. Some of these devices may not even be known (or exist) at the time the content is created. Today the buzz hovers around mobile phones and tablets, but tomorrow will bring new technology to consider. As such, the content must be ready to publish to any medium, which pushes the conversation to the necessity for flexible templates versus dedicated mobile or branded versioning.

WAVES2 (http://www.waves2.com) tackles this challenge by fully separating the content, structure, and design of a website. Holding these three elements distinctly allows the system to configure different iterations of the same content and couple them with template designs that cater to particular platforms. In this manner, site owners can quickly build suitable content for any platform (without redundancy in the creation and ongoing editing process). All that is required is an additional design, and in many cases an alternative style sheet will do the trick. To make this process easier, WAVES2 also allows users to deliver content to common platforms by grouping them together.

The WAVES2 WCMS does not create a separate website for each device (which causes an unwanted distribution of related web traffic), but rather tailors the content for each platform and delivers it under the same address. This way it’s easy to establish what content is suitable for each platform and to deliver it accordingly. For example, content that consists of Flash objects cannot be viably sent to iPhones and iPads, but should be readily sent to Android-enabled devices.

Some of the WAVES2 multi-platform delivery capabilities include:

  • Digital asset sharing (images and videos already used on a site can be reused for mobile)
  • One-time content authoring (content that is added and modified on the website can be the same exact content that is dynamically displayed on a mobile platform)
  • Full use of Widget Library (all system widgets available for building a standard website can be used for alternative platforms – quickly add site navigation, forms, video players, and other dynamic elements available in the WAVES2 widget library)
  • Flexible template management (easily control which platforms receive which design templates to make sure each device is rendering correctly)
  • Flexible site views (quickly add a button that allows users to switch from the mobile version to the full site view of the website)
  • Staging site access (view mobile version development on a staging site before publishing design modifications to a live version)

Aptinet Inc. has locations in midtown Manhattan and Boston, and offers both in-person and online demonstrations of the WAVES2 WCMS for your staff or CMS consultants. For more information call 917-408-6386 or 212-725-7255, send email to info(at)waves2(dot)com, or visit http://www.waves2.com