Are you ready for HostingCon 2007?

Don’t look now but it is slowly creeping up on us and will be here before we know it. Every year it is the same with us. We wait until the last minute and then scramble to come up with something interesting and draw visitors to our booth.

Our first year, we had two big screen tv’s and ran Halo off of two xboxes. Got mentioned as one of the top three booths at the Con that year. (FastServers, EV1 and Ping! Zine were mentioned the most). Too bad no one actually sat down and played the games.

Our second year, we determinded that trying to compete with others wasn’t going to be as fun and then decided fun is what we needed and brought the putting green from our office to the Con. It was a hit but the green was too big and we were told to move it or lose it. We managed to squeeze it into our booth enough and kept the games rolling. But was it as big as say Microsoft? They had bigger screens, even if there was nothing interesting to watch on them.

Now this year is upon us and we are planning ahead of time. We have already received many suggestions and came up with a few of our own. As I don’t have much time to come up with the ideas myself, I have been letting our staff pitch ideas to me. (and if you want to understand why Ping! Zine is so interesting, you have to understand the minds of our staff).

Ok, so now onto the first idea presented by Derek M. Designer.

He suggests we make a campfire in the center of our booth and tell campfire stories around it. He even went as far as offering to wear a loin cloth and play his guitar while Devin reads Ping! Zine articles to those who want to take a break and sit down to listen.

As you can see, we are suffering from lack of sleep, oxygen and food, so let me know what you think of our first idea?