Arista Blasts Back at Cisco for Infringement Lawsuit Slap

Arista Blasts Back at Cisco for Infringement Lawsuit Slap(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Software company Arista Networks has fired back with some choice words after receiving a copyright infringement and patent lawsuit from competitor Cisco.

In a blog post published earlier this week, Arista Board member Dan Scheinman stated that the lawsuit is an “attempt by a legacy vendor that is falling behind in the marketplace to use the legal system to try and slow down a competitor who is innovating and winning,” much like the lawsuit that Cisco received in the 90s from IBM, Nortel, and Lucent.

“The networking industry is in the midst of a revitalization as the value shifts from boxes to cloud networking software (a shift which is causing apparent consternation at Cisco). Arista is winning the software battle in the cloud, so Cisco has chosen to do what others did to it previously and is attempting to use the legal system to cover for its lack of innovation in software.”

In a email to the Wall Street Journal, Cisco spokesman stated that Arista’s argument is “red herring,” and that their comparison is not accurate.

“It’s what they want the world to focus on and ignores the most significant issues of patent violation. Using examples from decades ago, like Alcatel, Lucent and IBM is not an accurate comparison. They all had very aggressive patent monetization programs, designed to extract money and cross-licenses. That approach and business model simply don’t exist at Cisco.”

Scheinman is familiar with Cisco’s tactics and previous lawsuit as he was the company’s general counsel in the 90s.