As Windows XP Retirement Looms, Hackers Ready Exploits

As Windows XP Retirement Looms, Hackers Ready Exploits(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Hackers may be salivating over Microsoft’s April retirement date for Windows XP security updates, recently signaled SANS trainer and Microsoft expert Jason Fossen.

Fossen made his remarks in a Monday article from Computerworld, noting that the average price for XP exploits on the current black market ranges between $50 to $150 thousand.

Microsoft quickly works to fix zero-day exploits via security updates. However, when they end for XP, the exploits with have a longer-lasting effect and their worth will increase.

Fossen noted hackers were more likely to sit on such exploits until the update expiration date.

“When someone discovers a very reliable, remotely executable XP vulnerability, and publishes it today, Microsoft will patch it in a few weeks,” Fossen stated via Computerworld. “But if they sit on a vulnerability, the price for it could very well double.”

XP has remained popular despite three consecutive Windows releases (Windows Vista, Windows 7 & 8) since the aging OS was launched in 2001. According to Net Applications, XP’s market share, although decreasing, remained strong at 37.17% in June.