At cPanel, OnApp’s Bredahl Discusses the Business Side of Hosting

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – cPanel Automation Bootcamp 2011’s final full day on Wednesday kicked off with a speech by OnApp CEO Ditlev Bredahl. Titled “So you’re in the hosting business. What’s the big idea?,” Bredahl’s keynote focused on the business aspect of running a company in the world of web hosting.

Specifically, Bredahl talked about how companies can distinguish themselves and strive for excellence.

Noting how the industry’s big players are currently focused on the mass market, Bredahl offered insightful advice: Focus on the pricing aspect of the business, not necessarily on unachievable service features.

As we all know, the industry is filled with tech-savvy people (otherwise known as geeks). It’s a label in the industry that many of us embrace, including Bredahl. In fact, according to Bredahl, geeks are not only useful at product creation, they’re also good at assisting in achieving sales goals. After all, product creators are probably the best people to market their creations, right?

Then there’s also the R&D aspect of the industry (Research and development). It’s something Bredahl suggests investing in.

While R&D is good, there’s always room for improving what you’re already good with. Bredahl’s suggestion is to pay attention to this area too.

Meanwhile, other speeches during the day were expected to focus on matters such as PCI compliance, Enkompass (which cPanel recently announced would be free), optimizing Apache and PHP , and more. For more information on cPanel’s Automation Bootcamp, visit: