At Foxconn, Robots Set to Replace Some Humans

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – Robots may soon be making up a larger part of the workforce at Foxconn, a large electronic manufacturer based in Taiwan.  With the move, one million robots will be implemented into the facility over the course of the next three years. According to Xinhuanet, Foxconn chairman Terry Gou has confirmed the plan.

At the facilities, the robots will become responsible for more simplistic assembly tasks currently held by employees.

The manufacturer is well known for its production of Apple products. Besides Apple, other Foxconn clients include Dell, Nintendo, Intel, Cisco, and more. Most of the company’s factories are centered in China

Foxconn was most recently in the news in May concerning a fire at one of its facilities which resulted in two fatalities and other injuries.

The idea of the robots replacing employees is nothing new. For many manufacturers, it’s a good way to increase efficiency all while cutting costs. Foxconn currently has over one million employees.