At, OnApp Looks Back on 6 Month Expansion

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – Today Amazon Web Services represents one of the largest companies partaking in the cloud hosting industry. Particularly, the company’s low latency content distribution solution known as CloudFront has had its own success in the market.

Aside from receiving competition from other CDN providers including Akamai, Amazon CloudFront also faces a growing CDN market in general. On Thursday, cloud CDN provider OnApp touted its own expansion efforts during the past six months, citing sixty new CDN locations worldwide. According to OnApp, it’s an expansion that actually makes the provider’s network twice as large as Amazon’s CloudFront network.

OnApp CDN is maintained through various PoPs (Points of Presence) worldwide, a system that is based on a federated model, allowing hosting providers to purchase and resell bandwidth.

Discussing the matter in a press release, OnApp CEO Ditlev Bredahl discussed the OnApp CDN Federation. “The federated model is the only real way that service providers can compete with cloud companies like Amazon,” stated Bredahl.

“Even a large provider stands little chance against their scale and resources. Together, however, the world’s service provider community can offer more scale, better platform support, better application support and more flexible pricing,” Bredahl continued. The OnApp CEO also talked about how the OnApp CDN allows service providers to gain better profitability.

OnApp’s announcement shortly follows the company’s launch of a free version of its cloud deployment and management service OnApp Cloud on Wednesday. The company is currently partaking in, a web hosting industry conference being held in Germany. The event is set to conclude Friday. For more information regarding OnApp’s announcement, view a press release here (