AT&T Announces New 30-Month Installment Plan, Next 24

AT&T Announces New 30-Month Installment Plan, Next 24(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) –  AT&T has added another option for users on the Next plan, adding longer monthly installments when purchasing smartphones.

The mobile giant announced the new plan, Next 24, today during the AT&T Consumer Industry Analyst Conference in Atlanta, noting that the service will be available starting November 9th.

According to a press release from AT&T, customers on the new plan can purchase new smartphones for $0 down and make monthly payments between $10 and $50 for a total of 30 months.

“When customers choose AT&T NextSM with AT&T’s Mobile Share Value plans, they can also receive a monthly discount on the access charge for that smartphone line,” says the company. “When adding an AT&T NextSM line to a Mobile Share Value plan, customers can save $25 per month on that smartphone line’s access charge for plans 10GB or higher or $15 per month on plans less than 10GB.”

Other AT&T Next plans include Next 12, a 20-month installment plan, and Next 18, a 24-month installment plan.

AT&T noted that customers who switch to AT&T and activate an new line with Next will receive a bill credit of $150.