AT&T Hit by 20K Employee Strike from Union Spat

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – AT&T has been coordinating the renewal of agreements with labor unions including the Communications Workers of America. But the agreements may have taken too long to finalize.

Actually having expired in April, dissatisfaction recently resulted in a 20 thousand employee strike for the top cellular provider, according to a report from the Los Angeles Times. In a press release concerning the matter, the mobile company referred to the action as “not in anyone’s best interest.”

AT&T also noted its work to reach recent agreements, saying “it’s unfortunate local union leaders in the West and East regions chose to take this action, especially considering we have already reached agreements with local CWA and IBEW leaders in other contracts where employees perform the same type of work.”

The company also referred to its workers as “very well compensated.” However, before a finalized deal can be approved, it has to receive the thumbs up via a vote by union members According to the Los Angeles Times, AT&T signaled that the new deal included “modest pension increases” in addition to pay raises. Previous union agreements in the latest round of dealings have included U.S. states such as California, Nevada and Connecticut.