AT&T iPad Hacker Faces 41 Months in Slammer

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – A hacker who in 2010 tapped into AT&T’s network will soon have a new home: Jail.

According to a BBC report from Tuesday, U.S. citizen Andrew Auernheimer recently received the sentence despite claiming the breach was carried out to shed light on what the BBC described as “security failings.”

Auernheimer, otherwise known as “Weev,” had been convicted on charges of conspiracy to gain unauthorized access to computers along with identity theft back in November.

Details for more than 120 iPad thousand users were affected during the breach.

The hack was so high profile that data accessed included email addresses belonging to Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and  NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg. The breached data was later shared with news website Gawker.

Despite the sentence, the Electronic Frontier Foundation defended Auernheimer. “Weev is facing more than three years in prison because he pointed out that a company failed to protect its users’ data, even though his actions didn’t harm anyone,” commented EFF attorney Marcia Hofmann, according to the BBC.