AT&T to Open New Ohio Datacenter

(Ping! Zine) – AT&T has recently announced that it will open its ninth mobility data center in Akron, Ohio.

AT&T plans to invest $120 million in mostly technological equipment to house the center in the former Ohio Bell Data Center, making Akron a hub for technology jobs, said Tom Pelto, President of AT&T Ohio.

“With this new data center, AT&T is investing in the future of Akron and Northeast Ohio,” said Congresswoman Betty Sutton. “This ‘technology data hub’ will help bring other investments to Northeast Ohio, making Akron a high-tech jobs hub. This is how things get started.”

The center will open for use in September, and will handle text messages and other data services for AT&T wireless phones in Ohio and along the East Coast, according to a news release. The data is currently handled by a mobility data center in Schaumburg, Ill.

“The investment in this new mobility data center here in Summit County will help consumers who are increasingly communicating on smartphones through data messaging,” Summit County Executive Russ Pry said.

“Ohio’s strong business climate and tax structure makes it easier for companies like AT&T to grow its business here today, and our regulatory reform through Ohio’s telecom bill will help us attract investments of the future,” said Ohio Governor Ted Strickland. “I want to thank AT&T for its partnership and commitment to laying a solid foundation for prosperity in Akron.”