Authorities Nab Suspects for Butterfly Botnet

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – U.S. authorities announced on Wednesday the disruption of a crime ring responsible for operating the Butterfly Botnet, at fault  for causing damages amounting over $850 million from stealing users’ financial data.

In their effort, U.S. FBI agents worked with partners worldwide, taking into custody suspects in countries including the U.K., New Zealand, Bosnia, Croatia, Macedonia, Peru and Herzegovina.

The Butterfly Botnet made use of compromised computers to spread malicious software known as Yahos. During its active state from 2010 to just this past October, Yahos targeted Facebook users.

A major help in the investigation was top social network itself which helped authorities by providing assistance with relevant information.

“It is recommended that computer users update their applications and operating system on a regular basis to reduce the risk of compromise and perform regular anti-virus scanning of their computer system,” emphasized the FBI in a press release.