AWS Expands in Tokyo with New Availability Zone

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Amazon Web Services continues its expansion, most recently announcing the addition of a third availability zone in Tokyo, Japan on Thursday.

The move occurs after the company initially launched its first presence in the region a year and a half ago. “Demand for AWS resources in Japan has been strong and steady, and we’ve been expanding the region accordingly,” commented the company in a blog post.

Specifically, the addition provides the company’s cloud clientele with both added flexibility and capacity.

In the same blog post, the company explained steps it takes during the expansion phase, a process that can be carried out in two manners. “First, we can add additional capacity to an existing Availability Zone, spanning multiple datacenters if necessary. Second, we can create an entirely new Availability Zone. Over time, as we combine both of these approaches, a single AWS region can grow to encompass many datacenters,” commented AWS.

The additional zone should prove especially beneficial for Amazon’s popular EC2 service, known for providing customers with resizable compute capacity.

Amazon also recently announced its annual Global Start-Up Challenge, an initiative that rewards companies based on their integration with the AWS cloud platform. Rewards include $50 thousand in AWS credits and more.