Baby Monitor Hacked, Yells Profanities at 2-Year-Old

Baby Monitor Hacked, Yells Profanities at 2-Year-Old(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Just a warning: Anything connected to a network is vulnerable, even a baby monitor. A Texas family recently found that out the hard way when a hacker apparently breached and took control of the device.

Father Marc Gilbert was washing dishes when he heard unusual voices coming from 2-year-old daughter Allyson’s room as she slept. “Right away I knew something was wrong,” stated Gilbert via a report from ABC News.

Gilbert and his wife then rushed to the room, hearing the baby monitor shout profanities at his daughter, at one point saying “wake up you little slut” in addition to calling her an “effing moron.”

The hacker was even able to control the movements of the monitor, pointing it at the parents and shouting expletives towards them as well. The voice had a British or European accent, according to the report.

Gilbert then quickly proceeded to unplug the device. The toddler? She remained asleep through the whole incident because she has a hearing impairment. “If she had heard it it would have been a big problem,” Gilbert told ABC News.

Baby monitors have been viewed as vulnerable in the past.

A report from Forbes, meanwhile, noted a primary feature of the baby monitor from Foscam was that it allows “remote internet monitoring from anywhere in the world.” Researches from Qualys, Inc. earlier this year discovered a vulnerability in Foscam’s firmware. A fix was issued in June.