Bad News! DDoS Attacks Only Getting Bigger

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Here’s news for website owners to frown about: DDoS attacks are only getting bigger…in fact, much bigger.

Arbor Networks recently unveiled statistics showing that in 2012, DDoS accounted for 1.48 Gb per second, representative of a 20% increase compared to the previous year. Ouch!

The news doesn’t get better, though. Just for this year, ATLAS (which is being used to track attacks) has already seen DDoS attacks representative of 74% of those accounted for in the entirety of last year.

“The solution to the DDoS problem is specialized, layered defense. Organizations should deploy specialized DDoS mitigation solutions at their network perimeter, outside of exposed firewalls etc. These solutions can provide proactive protection from ALL types of DDoS attacks – volumetric, TCP state-exhaustion and the more sophisticated application layer attacks – as long as they do not saturate Internet connectivity,” stated Darren Anstee of Arbor Networks via a blog post.

He continued, “Ideally these solutions should maintain minimal state, offer a range of mitigation mechanisms, provide detailed reporting and leverage intelligence on current attack vectors to ensure Internet service availability is maintained.”

DDoS attacks usually rely on a system of infected computers and relay traffic to one destination, thus overwhelming a victim’s website server to cause downtime.