Barnes & Noble Unveils Price Cuts for NOOK

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – If you were considering the purchase of a tablet reader from book retailer Barnes & Noble, now might be better than ever to get your hands on one. On Monday, the popular bookseller announced a price cut on its NOOK tablet line, dropping costs as low as $149 for the NOOK Color.

Meanwhile, other pricing is set at $199 for the more power 16GB NOOK tablet and $179 for the 8GB version.

“Our Reader’s Tablets have consistently been the highest rated products by the leading technology experts and now they’re available for the lowest prices ever,” commented Barnes & Noble President of Digital Products Jamie Iannone in a company press release.

The move by the company could help the device line seem more appealing with continued competition from Amazon’s Kindle line and the emergence of other lower-end tablet devices.

The retailer initially launched its Nook line in 2009. In June, the company reported that sales for the device accounted for $933 million in profits during the course of 2011.