Battery Fixed? iOS 6.1.2 Marks Rapid Adoption Rate

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Advertising network Chitika on Monday signaled that iOS 6.1.2 had become the most used version of the software in just one week’s time – unveiling new analysis.

iOS 6.1.2 was released in the aftermath of battery drainage issues which Apple described as a result from a glitch with Exchange calendar. Chitika used its advertising network to gather insights relevant to the tune of tens of millions of iOS-operated devices.

As of February 25th, 34.9% of Apple devices in North America contained iOS 6.1.2. That was followed behind by 22.8% of devices which ran iOS 6.1.0. Meanwhile, just 11.9% operated on version 6.1.1%. The company also noted that the latest iOS version showed “no signs of slowing down.” For full insights, view Chitika’s entire report here (

But despite a high degree of success – not all is necessarily perfect in the land of iOS.  According to a Monday report from, device owners were taking to Apple’s support community page with a number of problems.

The report noted that among the complaints were the disablement of vibration tones along with the update not finishing. But despite everything, things seem to be going smoothly, at least for the most part.