Battlefield 4 Adds Server Rental Program and Death Shield Bug Fix

Battlefield 4 Adds Server Rental Program and Death Shield Bug Fix(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – DICE’s Rent-a-Server program officially launched yesterday for Battlefield 4 consoles, allowing players to set up private and public servers.

“Today, the Rent-A-Server program has started to roll out for console versions of Battlefield 4. This will let you set up your own private and public Battlefield 4 servers, with control of different options from player count to map rotation. Thanks to these customization options, you’ll be able to create games that suit the play style for you and your friends,” said the developer via Battlefield blog.

The Rent-a-Server program can be accessed on the multiplayer menu of the game under “My Rented Servers” where players can rent and manage their servers.

Once a server is purchased, game modes, map rotations, and server locations can be modified.

Listed below is rental period and pricing information about the Rent-a-Server program for Battlefield 4:

  • 1 day- $1.49
  • 7 days- $6.99
  • 30 days- $24.99
  • 90 days- $59.99

DICE also announced that they would be updating the game to fix the “Death Shield” bug where invisible shields would appear next to killed enemies, blocking weapon fire.