Battlefield 4 Mantle Update Delayed Till January 2014

Battlefield 4 Mantle Update Delayed Till January 2014(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – It looks as if Battlefield 4 fans are going to have to wait a little longer for the Mantle update that was originally set be released December 2013.

AMD and EA released a statement concerning the delay of the patch by stating, “After much consideration, the decision was made to delay the Mantle patch for Battlefield 4. AMD continues to support DICE on the public introduction of Mantle, and we are tremendously excited about the coming release for Battlefield 4! We are now targeting a January release and will have more information to share in the New Year.”

According to a report from Polygon, an AMD representative stated the cause of the delay is due to “EA’s recent decision to halt game development in favor of bug stomping.”

Recently, DICE has halted a number of development projects in order to focus on fixing Battlefield’s reoccurring bug issues.

The Mantle update is set to be released sometime in January 2014.