Battlefield 4 Updates Released

Battlefield 4 Updates Released (Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – In the past few days, there have been a couple Battlefield 4 updates, here are the details taken from Battlefield’s blog.

On Thursday, a PS4 and PS3 update was released.

The PS4 update fixed the “one-hit kill” bug, where the damage from a single bullet would sometimes be applied more than once, and a crash that occurred when there were large amounts of Friends.

“This small patch was pushed live as quickly as possible to deal primarily with the “one-hit kill” bug. We are already working on the next PS4 update that will contain more fixes and have a bigger focus on game stability. Stay tuned,” stated Battlefield’s blog.

The PS3 updates were mainly focused on increasing game stability and fixing crashes. The updates included:

-Reduced the risk of a crash when transitioning from one multiplayer round to another

-Fixed a crash that could occur when creating decals (bullet hit effects, etc.)

-Fixed a crash that could occur when leaving vehicles

-Fixed a crash that could occur when moving outside of the intended play area

-Fixed a crash that could occur when firing the MBT and IFV gunner incendiary weapon

-Fixed a crash that could occur when opening the Options menu

-Fixed a problem with weapon accessories using up too much memory, which in turn could lead to crashing

Friday, an update for the Xbox 360 was released, which features the same updates as the PS3, except that this update needs to be manually downloaded from the Xbox Live Marketplace.