BeanSprout Brings A2 Hosting and Camelback Together for Partnership

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – BeanSprout, the business partnership marketplace for web services companies, announces today the partnership of A2 Hosting and Camelback Web Architects that began through BeanSprout. A2 Hosting is a full service web hosting company and Camelback Web Architects provides easy to use website building software called liveSite.  Both companies will help promote their products to each other’s customer base.

The two companies found each other through the BeanSprout partnership network where they were matched together based on their partnership profiles. Once a company shows interest they have the ability to exchange their contact information to continue partnership discussions.

“The partnership between A2 Hosting and Camelback Web Architects shows how two companies can combine efforts to get the most out of their businesses,” says Alex Kehayias, Co-Founder of BeanSprout. “We’re proud that BeanSprout helped bring these companies together for partnership.”

“We’re excited to be working with Camelback because it helps us deliver a wider range of services to our hosting customers,” states Brad Litwin, Marketing Manager at A2 Hosting. “We’re committed to delivering affordable, quality hosting with serious developer features and BeanSprout helped us find a partnership to reinforce that dedication.”

 “A2 Hosting is helping us reach more customers so we can make their lives easier when it comes to building and maintaining their websites,“ says Michael Wilson, CEO at Camelback Web Architects. “We’ve been providing tools to build websites for over 15 years and our partnership with A2 Hosting through the BeanSprout partnership network is helping us deliver more of what we do best.”

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