BeanSprout Has Arrived

(Ping! Zine) – BeanSprout, a business partnership marketplace, today announces its public launch to the Web Hosting industry to match companies together for channel, technology, OEM, reseller, and co-marketing partnerships.

Web hosting companies are constantly on the lookout for business partnership opportunities that will help them grow. Partnerships are an integral part to maximizing profits and staying one step ahead of the competition. However, finding partnership opportunities is difficult because no one knows what partnerships companies are looking for. This leads to a lot of trial and error and wasting time on the wrong opportunity. 

“I came from this industry and I realized the key to beating the competition was to establish partnerships whether it was with resellers, technology integration, or co-marketing. You simply don’t have the resources to do it all yourself,” says Alex Kehayias, Co-Founder of BeanSprout. “What we were all lacking was a gathering ground just for partnerships where we can find the right opportunities based on what companies are actually looking for and open to. That’s what we’re giving this industry.”

BeanSprout matches companies for partnership with a network of web hosting, e-commerce, and internet services companies. Signup is now available to all web hosts and is free to join. For more information please visit