Best Android Apps from 2012

(Ping! Zine Issue 55) – Nowadays, any tech analyst is likely to tell you one sure thing: The gaming industry is increasingly moving towards mobile. With titles like Angry Birds still dominating top downloads – along with other newcomers, mobile games offer an affordable and fun alternative compared to the pesky high prices that some console titles go for. As we turn to 2013, here’s a look back at some of our favorite Android game titles that we played during the course of 2012.

Temple Run
It’s a fun game and will likely recall memories from Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark (Oh yes, that giant boulder!). Users are directed to navigate their way past temple obstacles with swipe and tilt controls – all while being on the run from pesky monkeys who somehow guard the most ancient of temple complexes. From Imangi Studios LLC.

Angry Birds Star Wars
Here’s classic sci-fi take on a much beloved mobile title. Evil galactic Pigtroopers are out to cause havoc at the hands of the Empire. Only the rebel birds can save the day. It’s the same Angry Birds you’re used to, except now they can use lightsabers along with lasers as they’re being plunged to knock down the enemy. Pretty nifty, right? From Rovio Mobile Ltd.

Sector Strike
Pure arcade-like fun. This space shooter game excels in keeping the player interested. Users will have to take on numerous enemy ships, striking them down with lasers piece by piece. The game keeps things truly futuristic, drawing on recent mobile technology to enhance the experience. However, it keeps the classic gaming vibe that is so essential. Definitely worth checking out! From Clapfoot Inc.

Fruit Ninja
This one is surely already an Android classic and a must-mention among any top Android gaming list. Users are prompted to conquer the world of falling fruit with swipe and slice functionality. One thing remains important: Watch out for the pesky bombs. From Halfbrick Studios.

Here’s a game that’ll definitely help keep your reflexes in check – all while providing that addictive-feel that makes gaming so loved. The amazing ninja jumper is scaling to new heights. Users are directed to move between obstacles left and right while receiving special powers that speed things up (For example, you’ll get blue jay flying wings if you plow through enough of the pesky creatures). Developed by Backflip Studios, it’s probably the most addictive game we’ve played.

Paper Toss
Here’s another great title from Backflip Studios. The only question is: How good are your shooting skills? With drag functionality, users are directed to shoot crumpled up paper into a trashcan, whether it’s in the setting on an office, basement or restroom. That task is made even more interesting by the inclusion of a fan that’ll challenge your accuracy.

Tank Hero
This arcade-style shooter is sure to keep tank warfare relevant in the modern era of mobile gaming. Controls are simple as players take on enemy tanks while navigating maze-like areas. Roll in your tank, point and fire! It’s a blast! From Clapfoot Inc.