BetterLinux to Debut at HostingCon 2012

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Better Linux, Inc., a Linux software development company that improves Linux for hosting providers, data centers, SaaS, and cloud environments, has announced its debut appearance at HostingCon in Boston, Massachusetts on July 17-18th, 2012. HostingCon is a trade show for the web-hosting industry. BetterLinux, which runs on an ever-growing list of Linux distributions with full support, gives system administrators unprecedented, dynamic, user-level control over total system resources, including CPU, memory, I/O bandwidth, and IP bandwidth.

Limiting system resources at the level of individual users and processes allows BetterLinux to dramatically raise server efficiency, density, stability, and profitability. Its added ability to intelligently redirect unused dedicated resources to eliminate waste is the first of its kind and brings a level of efficiency found nowhere else. “Everybody knows we’ve been working on this for a long time. I’m a perfectionist, so it had to be right. I think it’s going to be great. Try it. It’s free until 2013,” says Matt Heaton, CEO of Better Linux, Inc., and former CEO of

HostingCon attracts web hosts, cloud services, data centers, SaaS providers (software-as-a-service), ISVs, and other Internet Service Providers worldwide.

You can arrange a meeting with a BetterLinux representative at HostingCon through the business contacts listed below.

About BetterLinux™ 

BetterLinux arose from many years’ experience enhancing multi-tenant, Linux-based web hosting servers. Its kernel developers come directly from that business where they achieved unsurpassed Linux server density and efficiency. BetterLinux now brings a new level of sophistication from an already-established team of kernel experts. It includes four innovative modules that together dramatically enhance Linux server performance. It is the most flexible, specifically configurable, and effective throttle-based control in existence.

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