Bill Cosbys Request To “Meme Me” Goes Bad After Users Bring Up Old Rape Allegations

Bill Cosbys Request To "Meme Me" Goes Bad After Users Bring Up Old Rape Allegations (Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – When actor and comedian Bill Cosby asked fans to “meme” him last week he didn’t expect the memes he received from users bringing up past issues such as the rape allegations he faced in 2004.

Last Monday Cosby took to Twitter telling fans to “Go ahead. Meme me,” posting a link to a meme generator where users could choose up to 12 different photos and write their own text.

Some of the memes generated include:

“It’s not rape if you’re famous.”

“They’re “alleged” rapes.”

“That feeling you get from being America’s most beloved serial rapist.”

“Lovable comedian on the streets, rapist in the sheet.”

Though Cosby did not comment on the matter, his team installed filters on the generator that did not allow users to add text with words such as rapist in the memes.

Cosby was first accused of rape in 2004, in which 12 other women came forward with the same allegations after Andrea Constand sued him, reports IBTimes. The lawsuit was privately settled between Constand and Cosby in 2006.