Bing Publishes Its Webmaster Guidelines

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Bing has published it’s first set of Webmaster guidelines giving website owners and online marketers advice on how best to rank in the Bing Search Engine. Samuel Junghenn founder of Online Marketing Agency Think Big Online says this is a welcome step forward.

“Understanding how a search engine wants you to present content and your website allows business owners to ensure they are effectively following the guidelines to achieve better results.” Said Mr Junghenn.

The published Bing webmaster guidelines are general in nature and do not go into the depth of details that Google’s webmaster guidelines. According to a Bing announcement this is by design. In the announcement Bing said:

“Changes should be infrequent as these current Webmaster Guidelines cover most major topics. They are not exhaustive and you should not expect to find deep, technical answers in them. They are intended to help most business owners understand the broad strokes of search marketing.”

At the same time that Bing announced the release of their webmaster guidelines they also announced a webinar series for webmasters which will help them to understand the basics of SEO for Bing.

“It’s great to see Bing actively helping website owners and internet marketers to engage with them and use their search platform to drive new business.” Said Mr Junghenn.

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