Black Lotus Launches New MitigationPro DDoS Protection Network Appliances Website


(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – Black Lotus, a leading distributed denial of service (DDoS) protection services company, announced today the launch of a new website, MitigationPro ( MitigationPro provides detailed information to hosting providers, data centers, ISPs, and other companies on Black Lotus’s new line of MitigationPro network behavior analysis and DDoS network protection appliances by IntruGuard. The new MitigationPro website educates visitors and customers on how to protect their networks with Black Lotus MitigationPro DDoS protection capabilities, products, and services.

“The new MitigationPro website showcases a full suite of Black Lotus MitigationPro DDoS protection service offerings, DDoS protection products, service specifications, and DDoS protection features specifically engineered for ISPs, hosting companies, data centers, and other service providers,” says Jeffrey Lyon, Director of Black Lotus. “The new MitigationPro website was developed exclusively for customers who want to protect their networks. And the new MitigationPro website is ideal for potential DDoS protection services partners to become acquainted with Black Lotus MitigationPro DDoS protection network appliances benefits and service plans.”

Black Lotus MitigationPro by IntruGuard showcases DDoS protection network appliances that help service providers defeat the toughest and most complex DDoS attacks typically experienced in today’s networks. Black Lotus and MitigationPro’s combined products and services help businesses maintain availability and business continuity by identifying and mitigating potential DDoS attacks, while allowing legitimate traffic to flow through the network. By launching a new MitigationPro website, Black Lotus provides an easy and convenient way for data centers, hosting companies, and service providers to purchase MitigationPro DDoS protection appliances so they can fully protect their networks from malicious DDoS attacks.

“MitigationPro is the ultimate DDoS protection solution as it blends leading DDoS mitigation technology in a box with Black Lotus’ extensive engineering and DDoS protection expertise, offered at a much lower price than other leading DDoS mitigation products and services,” says Lyon. “By deploying MitigationPro DDoS protection solutions, data centers, ISPs, and hosting providers can integrate Black Lotus protection technology and expertise into their existing products and services, ensuring the best possible network protection against harmful DDoS attacks and related botnet abuses.”

When purchasing MitigationPro DDoS network protection products, customers are given the option to purchase a SupportPro service contract that covers initial installation, ongoing maintenance, real time mitigation of DDoS attacks, and hardware warranty. Customers ordering a MitigationPro appliance through the new website can also configure their DDoS network protection appliance by selecting the SupportPro plan they want to use to get the most comprehensive support plan and help with their MitigationPro appliance. Black Lotus and MitigationPro have made it easy to order DDoS network appliances and the process only takes a few minutes to complete.

“MitigationPro website visitors can find the exact DDoS protection appliance they need to protect their networks from malicious DDoS attacks,” says Lyon. “Once a specific network appliance is selected, a description window pops up, providing detailed information on each MitigationPro DDoS protection network appliance model. These detailed product descriptions are designed to help customers find the MitigationPro model that best suits their needs. Once customers find the exact DDoS protection network appliance model they are looking for, they can click the order button to continue the ordering process. The entire order and purchase process is very easy and painless.”

Black Lotus MitigationPro is the most affordable DDoS protection network appliance available on the market today. By purchasing a MitigationPro appliances and Black Lotus services bundle, customers will equip their businesses with high-performance, continuous, and fully managed DDoS protection that will allow them to save hundreds or even thousands of dollars, while maximizing uptime during malicious DDoS attacks.