Black Lotus to Donate Earnings from Westboro to Charity

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – DDoS mitigation firm Black Lotus plans to donate all funds earned from providing service to a controversial group to charity.

Fundamentalist organization the Westboro Baptist Church has been under the increased scrutiny of hacktivist groups including Anonymous following recent plans to picket and disrupt the funerals of victims killed during early December’s mass shooting in Sandy Brook, Connecticut.

Black Lotus CEO Jeffrey Lyon remained firm in defending his company taking Webstboro on as a client, however. “It is important to avoid setting a precedent that information should be suppressed merely because of its content,” Lyon recently stated in a report from Global Post. “Regardless, Black Lotus is a human organization with our own set of standards and principles and in support of such we will donate all WBC revenue, and then some, to ensure that our relationship with WBC is on a zero revenue basis.”

Westboro regularly seeks to protest against funerals – blaming the deaths of U.S. servicemen and women, celebrities and others on society’s embrace of same-sex issues. In addition to launching attacks on Westboro, Anonymous has asked security and hosting companies to discontinue any business they do with the fundamentalists.

Lyon distanced his company from Westboro’s views, explaining how Black Lotus deals with entities it fully disagrees with. “Our service is intended to be completely neutral and without regard to the content it serves. In those situations where we identify content is contrary to our own company ethics, we may decide to go neutral on that customer, and donate their revenue to causes which substantially offset any harm being caused,” he continued in the report form Global Post. The CEO also noted he appreciated the civility Anonymous was bringing to the debate by advocating for peaceful protests.

Black Lotus, in September, announced its participation in the i2Coalition, a new group composed of numerous hosting providers seeking to provide a unified voice on web censorship issues.