Black Lotus To Exhibit MitigationPro Technology At cPanel Conference 2011

(Ping! Zine) – Black Lotus, the market leader in Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) protection solutions, announced today plans to offer visitors to cPanel Conference in October, an insight into the firm’s powerful new MitigationPro DDoS protection appliances. This announcement follows Black Lotus’ recent appearance at HostingCon 2011, where visitors from around the world learned about the necessity and effectiveness of a robust DDoS protection hardware solution.

“Our MitigationPro DDoS protection demonstration at HostingCon 2011 was designed to be as transparent as possible,” says Jeffrey Lyon, President and CEO at Black Lotus. “We didn’t just want to show people what the hardware looked like and tell them about its advanced mitigation technology – we wanted to physically show people what was going on beneath the surface. We were delighted with the results, and are confident that people came away from HostingCon 2011 understanding the importance of a reliable hardware appliance to protect against DDoS attacks.”

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks cost businesses within the USA millions of dollars a year and are increasing in both prevalence and complexity. Fortunately, a range of solutions are available to protect against potentially crippling attacks by analyzing traffic data. Most commonly, though, these forms of DDoS protection are comprised of x86 Linux servers with custom software that applies a blanket filter in the event of an attack. As a result, any connections passing through the filter are subject to high levels of lag. Consequently, as attack traffic is filtered from the network, the speed at which genuine traffic can pass through the infrastructure effectively grinds to a halt.

“We don’t pretend that there aren’t competing DDoS protection products on the market,” says Lyon. “But our extensive industry experience helps us to ensure that our DDoS protection solutions are the best. MitigationPro is installed in-line and uses IntruGuard’s network behavior analysis, or NBA, to accurately determine an attack in progress. Then, the hardware filters out this traffic from the network quickly, cleanly, and fully, without affecting legitimate traffic. Distinctively, MitigationPro is multi-tenant, ensuring that any traffic that is not perceived to be part of the attack is always served with the high speed that your customers deserve. Best of all, we do all of this at a price point that’s lower than the competition.”

Black Lotus’ MitigationPro DDoS protection network products are undeniably more dependable under the pressure of attack than competing DDoS protection services, with the ability to filter at full line rate with zero performance impact. When the volume of unwanted traffic attempts to breach the capacity of a MitigationPro device, this traffic can be automatically offloaded into the Black Lotus DDoS Mitigation Cloud. Additionally, the comparatively low cost of this hardware cannot fail to impress. MitigationPro products are available in 1G to 5G capacities as standard, with models up to 10G available by special order and, while the industry average for DDoS protection devices is approximately $20,000 to $60,000 per 1G, MitigationPro DDoS protection solutions are available from as little as $11,900. The reduced overhead of implementing a high performance DDoS protection solution gives businesses the opportunity to maximize profits by improving customer retention and exploring new ways of generating revenue.

“We want to give our customers the best possibilities for growth and revenue, and we can do this by keeping our prices low,” says Lyon. “By using MitigationPro DDoS mitigation hardware, businesses can keep themselves and their customers protected from potentially devastating attacks, without compromising network performance or dramatically increasing expenditure. The product and the price speaks for itself and that’s why we are excited to be showing it off again at cPanel Conference 2011. We’re inviting people to visit us on the show floor for a one-on-one demonstration and see for themselves why MitigationPro is the DDoS protection solution they have been looking for.”

With over 10 years experience in DDoS mitigation, Black Lotus has been able to develop a hardware protection solution that meets the demands of companies of all sizes. MitigationPro DDoS protection hardware is capable of defending against multi-gbps attacks, multi-tenanted to sustain high network performance, and available at a price point that is quite simply unmatched. Customers are invited to visit the MitigationPro booth at cPanel Conference 2011 this October 10th-12th, visit for more conference details, or visit to find out more about this robust DDoS protection hardware.

About MitigationPro

Black Lotus MitigationPro by IntruGuard provides robust distributed denial of server (DDoS) protection for ISPs, data centers, and hosting providers worldwide. The hardware DDoS mitigation solutions offered by MitigationPro utilize state-of-the-art FPGA-based network behavior analysis (NBA), designed to quickly and effectively filter potentially threatening traffic from the network. MitigationPro devices also use multi-tenant NBA, allowing legitimate traffic – that is, visitors, and customers to enjoy the quality of service that they expect. MitigationPro hardware is offered in 1G, 5G, and 10G models. Each model is available at a substantially lower price-point than any competing DDoS protection device on the market.

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About Black Lotus

With over a decade of experience in defending businesses against DDoS attacks, Black Lotus has defined itself as a leader in DDoS protection services. In addition to offering a choice of hardware-based DDoS solutions with its MitigationPro range, Black Lotus also manages a dependable mitigation cloud that can remotely monitor your traffic to identify and eliminate even the most complex of threats. For bulletproof protection, these two aspects of Black Lotus’ service range can be combined in a Hybrid DDoS Mitigation Solution. By using robust MitigationPro hardware as your first line of defense and then allowing Black Lotus to manage your protection with its SupportPro services, excess traffic can be offloaded into the Black Lotus DDoS Mitigation Cloud, guaranteeing that your network delivers incredible connectivity and responsiveness, even as an attack is underway. Black Lotus delivers hundreds of billions of packets safely to their destination each month.

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