Blog Hosting Bonanza

Blog hosting is big business these days in the web hosting world.  Everybody provides it, but do you know what exactly you should be looking for when it comes to finding the best blog host?  No matter if you are shopping for a new blog host or your very first one, I have a few suggestions that will help you find the blog host you’ve always dreamed of having.  Also, why pay for blog hosting – when you can get it for free? The Web Hosting Show is on the air.

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Time to share your opinions with the world, and get your own blog off the ground or preforming better. With all the features, tools and inspiration around there has been no better time to start a blog – and I’ll help you get the hosting side taken care of on this week’s podcast.

Here is what we have lined up for today’s broadcast:

3 Free Blog Hosting Solutions

When it comes to starting up a blog and finding web hosting for it, many people turn to some of the free services on the web first. Getting yourself established on a free hosting service, before moving up to a paid one can save you some money – if you are willing to trade off some flexibility and features along with it.

Basic Checklist for Blog Hosting

Search for “blog hosting” and you will get millions of pages and thousands of web hosts that would love to have your business.  What features, scripts and more should you be looking for when it comes to moving your blog to a new web host or starting one from scratch?  Here is my own personal must-have list when it comes to blog hosting that I hope comes in handy next time your searching for real blog hosting help.

Got any more great blog hosting tips or advice to share? Leave your thoughts in the comments!