Blogging Mistakes to Avoid

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – A blog can be a useful tool for small businesses to keep their target audience informed of new things. It should be an extension of your website that a user can navigate to if they are interested in learning more about the company or its products. But with all of the benefits that a blog can bring, there are a few key areas you should avoid if you are thinking of starting one for your business.

Overdoing the Design
Even before getting into the content of your business blog, one area that can turn your visitors away before they read a single sentence is the overall design. There are many blogging platforms out there for you to use, and most of them come with pre-designed templates and fonts that are great for business owners and bloggers with very little technical experience. However, many people get a little too excited at the chance to incorporate simple designs and overdo it. If you are successful in bringing visitors to your blog, keep them there by creating an aesthetic and easy-to-read experience.

Simple, darker text on a lighter background will always be the optimal way for users to read the posts on your blog. Yellow text on a blue background may match your company’s branding and logo colors, but it is very difficult to read for many users. Additionally, in the event that your background fails to load, perhaps due to incompatibility with some browsers or mobile devices, that yellow text would be near impossible to read properly.

Off-topic Ranting
One of the most important things to understand is that if you are attracting readers to your business blog, it is most likely because they are interested in learning about your business. Some business owners make the mistake of using the newfound audience to discuss something unrelated. Use the platform as a way to discuss new things that are happening with the company, or new trends that are developing in the industry. By using the blog as a soapbox to talk about something controversial such as politics or bashing competitors, you will end up alienating and turning away your readers and potential customers.

Posting too Often or Not Enough
Either of these two extremes can be damaging to your blog traffic. The good news is that finding the ideal middle ground is easier than it sounds, if you have the resources to keep up with it. The biggest trap that new bloggers fall into is not posting enough, and eventually letting the blog die a slow death by devoting less and less attention to it. For some visitors, going to a blog and seeing that it hasn’t been touched in months (or even years) can leave a worse impression than not having a blog at all. The golden rule in this case is simply not to start a blog if you do not have the time or resources to keep it going.

On the opposite end of this spectrum, it is important to not post too frequently. What is too frequent can be rather subjective, so use your best judgment with regards to your audience and your content. Would your content work better as a daily post, a weekly post, or some other schedule? During the lifespan of your blog you can experiment with different frequencies to see what your audience prefers. A blog is writing for an audience, so you want to tailor the content to their needs and expectations.

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